Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many Vacation Getaways are Included?

Your Vacation Getaway Package include 2 magnificent trips. One will be a Mexico Getaway that includes Cabo San Lucas or Cancun. Your USA Getaway allows you to choose from over 8 Great Locations. You can take the Getaways in any order.

What are the Mexico Getaway Locations?

The Mexico Getaway includes 2 of the best Vacation Destinations in Mexico. Experience 5 days and 4 nights in wonderful Cabo San Lucas or Cancun, Mexico.

What are the USA Getaway Locations

We have over 8 great locations to choose from with the USA Getaway. These Vacation Destinations include, Branson, Orlando, Hilton Head Island, Lake Tahoe, Williamsburg, Sedona, and Ormond Beach

How Do I Redeem My Visa Gift Card?

After successful completion of your Resort Preview you will be issued your $50 Visa Gift Card.